Little Body, Big Heart

Posted on February 12, 2018

In my new school, I was lucky to stumble upon a D&D group, who invited me out of the kindness of their hearts because I still had no friends. We went to the game shop, and they helped me make a 5e character. The outcome was Erkin the Skald, a Bard already level six so that I was of equal level to the rest of the party.

We were in the city of Odysseus (it was the Dungeon Master's world) which was currently under attack by Minotaurs. They found me running from a group of the beast-men, which we all managed to take down while barely suffering a scratch.

We traveled on and spotted some more of the marauders killing people. Being of all good alignment (except the Warlock, he was just a jerk) we jumped in. I had the highest initiative, so I went first.

Now, let me explain why Erkin was so amazing. Being a runt, he wasn’t even two feet tall. He wore a red v-neck so low it exposed his belly button, black leather pants held up by a loose belt, and a wide-brimmed hat that covered his charming eyes. As a Bard, he had an 18 charisma (lucky roll).

I turned the corner and tried to charm one of the Minotaurs. I rolled a one. It actually made him even more angry.

was a bit duped, and decided to hang back with the Warlock while the Paladin and Rogue took care of the beasties. Then I saw the largest Minotaur in a house nearby. It was huge! So I thought, "Hey, I'm gonna cast a spell on it so that it runs away, making this fight easier!"

I rolled a three.

The beast-man took it as a challenge. It moved and suddenly towered over everything, even it's teammates! Without a second of hesitation, it charged at me. End of turn.

I was freaking out, and had to wait while all the turns went through. The Rogue did his dodging stabs, the Paladin bashed stuff with a hammer, and the Warlock cast eldritch spells. Then it was my turn. I used the only thing I could think of and used the Suggest spell and told it to sleep. Natural 20.

The whole group was quiet. Had the massive Minotaur actually reached us, we would've been finished. Everyone was nearly dead except me, and I only had a lute and a dagger. Everyone teamed up on it and stabbed, bashed, poked, and slammed their weapons into it. It did a lot of damage. I could see the DM slightly freaking out.

When it was the Minotaur’s turn, it stood and one-shotted the Rogue, the heaviest hitting character. My turn. I used the Sleep spell. Natural 20 again!

Once more everyone went at it, and we managed to kill the Minotaur. Turns out the thing had seventy-something hit points! Apparently it was supposed to capture us and bring us to the main ship. I still wonder what would have happened if I'd successfully Charmed that Minotaur.

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