Lost in Translation

Posted on September 25, 2017

A couple of months ago, I enticed my girlfriend into trying out D&D for the first time. I'd been working on a homebrew campaign over the last year and a half, and was really excited to DM things for her.

She took to it almost instantly. Her character, a stubborn Half-Elf Rogue dubbed Revella Blax, had been sent by the king to rescue his daughter, Princess Sophia, from her abductors. Along the way, through cunning, trickery, and even diplomacy, she occasionally gained the help of certain NPCs in the accomplishment of her quest.

Most recently, her quest had taken her deep into a cavern infested with undead, an owlbear, and a particularly nasty necromancer. The running gag going through the cavern was that everyone she'd killed, uttered, with their dying breath, "Please… Tell my mother… I love her… Aaaauuugh..."

Later in the cavern, she encountered more undead, and another owlbear. Thinking this might be the mother of the previous owlbear, and forgetting that if so, she was the killer of mama owlbear's offspring, Revella made the plea, "Your baby said to tell you he loves you, please help us fight these undead and rescue my friend! RRRuutuutuu! RRRuutuutuu!"(yes, she actually made the trilling bird sound)

Something to note, Revella spoke five languages. None of them was owlbear.

Me: Mama owlbear is momentarily confused. Roll your diplomacy check. 20 or higher, and she'll help you.

*Rolls* Natural 1.

Me: You suddenly remember that the only owlbear you know is an insult you learned in a tavern. Mama owlbear roars in outrage. Every time she hits you, she'll do an additional 1d6 damage to you.

Fortunately, Revella made short work of mama owlbear, and upon slaying the beast, looking down upon her slain foe, she said, "RRRuutuutuu, mama. RRRuutuutuu."

I love my girlfriend.

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