Mundane Made Awesome

Posted on September 29, 2017

Many years ago, our DM had us playing the old Dragonlance modules with the much flawed 3.0 edition of D&D. Back then we (a 5th level party) had just recovered the Hammer of Kharras from the Dwarf King’s mausoleum. Then, Lord Verminaard attacked Thorbardin.

Lord Verminaard’s army had the Dwarves busy defending the gates while he flew over the floating mausoleum to deal with our party. Long story short, we weren't able to land any significant damage on him since he was well out of our league, and his dragon kept him safely out of reach of the bruisers. Additionally, the dragon itself had such magic resistance that our spells were useless.

That's when I spotted one of the many loopholes in that system. After some mental calculations, a spellcraft check, and some rounds spent waiting for the right moment, I cast "enlarge" on the dragon's saddle during one of his many turns in the air above us.

Why do that? Because that way Verminaard couldn't hold on the dragon's back anymore (he failed a reflex save) and the dragon was so hindered by the saddle that he couldn't stop his rider's drop to the earth!

And so it was that the dreaded Lord Verminard died with a wet "splat" at the onset of the War of the Lance. Then we had to deal with that upstart Kitiara, but that's another story.

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