No Pain, No Game

Posted on August 01, 2018

While preparing for a new campaign, I convinced the DM to let me play a Favored Soul, Jelad. The convincing came in when I told him my patron deity was Loviatar, but Neutral—pain is just a part of life, people just need to be shown that its not inherently evil. We made a couple minor adjustments to some house rules, like his healing spells would leave scars and would hurt in proportion to the number of points healed.

Our campaign started with our party of six waking up in individual cells, wearing nothing but a long dirty tunic each. After fighting the guards and busting ourselves out, we took a bit to catch our breaths and plan our next moves. We didn't know where we were being kept or how much more fighting we were going to do. Our Fighter pointed out he was in need of some healing, as he was down to a single hit point and had very nearly been disemboweled in our last little push to secure our cell block.

In spite of much cursing, Jelad healed the wounds. Then our Rogue decided he needed some healing, too. A quick heal check revealed he had taken a whole 1 point of damage. Jelad was a little annoyed by the request and extolled the virtues of the path of Loviatar, sounding like oh so many Gym teachers, with cliches like "No Pain, No Gain" and "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

More pleading, and a good bit of threatening, and Jelad agreed to "heal" him. I cast inflict minor, to the protest of our Rogue who botched his will save.

The DM required him to make a spellcraft check to find out if he knew what was going on. A second critical failure had the DM declaring that, in spite of my having doubled the damage he had taken, he felt much better, and believed he had been healed completely.

He is the most-healed character in our party, and every time he is healed it is compulsory to declare "You Suck." But he now only ever asks for healing when its actually necessary.

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