Of Mimicry and Madness

Posted by Edward Bradford Titchener on November 13, 2013
Déjà vu

I once had a DM who was very fond of a certain creature from the Monster Manual. You might have even heard of it: the Mimic.

Our adventuring party was sent forth to get the deeds to the village back from a gang of thieves who had plundered the town Noble’s vault.

We located the hideout of the gang. Inside was a treasure room. Just like any other Thieves Guild, there are chests upon chests just lined up along the walls.

Our party’s Thief (no, he wasn't a Rogue he was a downright underhanded Thief) who stole anything not locked down, attempted to pick the locks on the first chest when our DM shouts,

"It's a Mimic!"

After a quick fight, we bested the beast and took our loot.

Surely there can't be a Mimic in place of the next chest in line?

Wrong, it's a Mimic, too.

Wash, rinse, repeat... for every chest all the way up to the one sitting on the pedestal.

The DM asks what we do next and the Wizard checks his sheet.

He pauses for a second and says, "I use the last charge on my wand of fireballs to preemptively strike the Mimic waiting at the top of the pedestal."

The DM smiles, which is never ever a good sign.

"You just incinerated the one real chest in the room, utterly destroying the deeds to not only that village but half of the valley. You cannot turn in your quest. Your employer, when he finds out, will place a bounty on your heads."

I don't really know if there is a moral to this story, unless that maybe it’s better to be attacked than burn your treasure to the ground.

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