Pheasses the Baboon

Posted on October 03, 2018

I’m currently DMing an online game of Hidden Shrine of Tomoachan for five players. In the party we have a human hexblade Warlock, a high defense tiefling Paladin, a noble Ranger, a human Cleric, and a Rogue.

After the party made their way out of the first room of the dungeon, they encountered a baboon with a satchel. The Paladin cast speak with animal to find out from the creature if there was an easy way out of the dungeon. However, what the poor Paladin didn't know was that the baboon was a total jerk.

The satchel the baboon was carrying contained his personal collection... of excrement. Which he then threw at the tiefling's face.

The Ranger decided to fire an arrow at the creature. Unfortunately, the baboon escaped through a crack in the dungeon wall, which was too small for any of the party members to enter. Several rooms later, they met the same baboon, and were once again hit with a part of his ‘collection’.

It was at this point they decided to name the creature ‘Pheasses the Baboon’ because every time they met, the baboon would throw feces and run away afterwards. In every encounter of the dungeon, Pheasses would stalk the party, and throw poop at them for fun. The party could never catch the mischievous baboon.

The game isn’t over yet, but I have big plans for Pheasses the baboon. If the party can escape from the dungeon.

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