Piety Required

Posted on September 12, 2018

About a year ago I introduced my kids to role-playing games. I thought sharing something from my childhood that we could do together would be fun. At the time they were struggling to get along with one another, approaching Dwarf vs Elf levels of antagonism. It was getting bad.

In real life there is often a long lag between action and consequence. Not so much in game. This turned out to be a good thing.

When my son (Fighter) was mean (as usual) to his youngest kid sister (Cleric), she told him, “Just so you know. I don’t heal jerks.”

While he laughed it off, I swear my daughter looked over at me and smiled. About an hour later, being a good GM (and Dad), I had my son roll for the next random encounter. Cue mountain lion… cue raking claws… cue bleed damage… cue Fighter down to 3HP.

Our Cleric responded with, “I don’t heal jerks. You need to apologize. Apologize or die.”

We've been playing a year now. My son still harbors an ornery streak and has died four times. But on the plus side, he is now playing an Alchemist that actually gets along with the Priest. He gets along better with his sister IRL too.

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