Rhyme Time

Posted on January 08, 2019

A bunch of my college dorm friends had played various D&D campaigns since our freshmen year. While we had one long-running campaign we regularly played, different people would take turns DMing new campaigns. This could be because someone got a new rule book/expansion, we wanted try new character classes, or just because the main DM needed a break/time to set up the new adventure.

This particular night, having just watched the Princess Bride, I decided to try out a new Swashbuckler class character. Unfortunately for the DM, he had also seen the movie and decided to give my character, Inigo (yes, I know, not very original, but hey, the movie was just out at the time), an intelligent, magical sword. The catch was the sword would only tell me its abilities if I spoke to it in rhyme.

Really, really unfortunately for the DM, I embraced this “challenge” wholeheartedly.

What ensued was a night of my speaking to all characters, players, and the sword in nothing but rhyme. Anyone who wandered into our dorm room got the same treatment. Picture the scene in the Princess Bride where Inigo and Fezzik speak in nothing but rhymes, only this didn’t end with “anyone want a peanut?”

Several hours later, the DM was pulling his hair out, the game had ground to a halt, and the other players were in hysterics. However, it was destined to be a one-night performance. We never played that campaign again.

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