RPG Sing-along

Posted by Haul Away Joe on July 15, 2014
Naow whin Oi wuz a little boy an’ so me mother told me

So, there we were, sailing merrily on the sea, reveling in our great fortune. We'd grabbed the crazy orb we needed to seal away a demon, thus ending an extended plot arc that had spawned out of one critical failure. Somehow we ended up with our own Dwarven Longboat manned by a tribe of Gnolls. (don't even ask).

It's of course at this point that things begin to go wrong, as we see winged figures bearing down on us from far afield. The Dragon, and his attendant Harpies had come for our orb, and he wouldn't take no for an answer. Other parties might have ceded to his request, but then other parties didn't do things like we did.

Combat ensued pretty quickly, and things weren't going well. The Harpies had a neat trick of reducing everyone's chances to hit and the Dragon just kept swooping down on us, just out of axe-reach. It's about then that our resident Dwarf had an idea.

With a single, lucky shot, he managed to get a ballista lodged into the dragon with a rope-line leading straight to the deck of our ship. From then it was all hands to the line, trying to bring the terrible beast to ground. Even with a pretty beefy party, and some helpful gnoll crewmen, we were still having some difficulty until the Bard decided to sort things out.

Our bard had been checking up on his Sea Shanties before we’d set sail. We ran our checks round the table in rapid succession as the Bard began to sing "Heave! Heave! The dragon's on the line!" As we began to rally, and rolled success after success, the rest of the table began to sing along.

We play our game at a local shop that has a couple other groups running other RPGs and boardgames in the background. We kept on singing "Heave! Heave! The dragon's on the line!" and soon found the whole room chanting along with us. As we brought the beast down low, and bound him in chains (because who needs to chomp through all those hitpoints when you can just tie 'em up) a cheer went up around the room.

The Dragon proved rather informative when we told him he had the options of talking or being cast, bound in chains, into the watery deeps.

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