Shut Up and Dance With Me

Posted on November 30, 2017

Some of the most epic things that happen in D&D start off with a dumb decision. This is one of those tales.

Over the course of one year, we had gone from being puny level 1 adventurers to badass level 18 heroes. Or at least that was what we liked to think. Throughout the campaign we had to deal with Devils on multiple occasions, which finally resulted with us encountering a group of Devils making a deal with a Wizard in his tower. The Paeliryon, who was their leader, quickly disappeared into a portal that lead back into Avernus, and most of his minions quickly followed him.

Our DM had planned for the portal to close and for us to fight the Wizard. However, he didn't plan for the recklessness of our Barbarian.

He, for some reason, decided it was a good idea to follow the devils INTO HELL. So he immediately ran towards the portal and jumped inside. My character was his best friend, so he couldn't just abandon the Barbarian. The Paladin couldn't back down because of his faith, and so because of various reasons we all entered hell, leaving the evil Wizard stunned in his tower.

The fight against the Paeliryon went without too much trouble. However this was Avernus, and soon the boss of the Paeliryon, a Pit Fiend, arrived. We all thought, "This is it, TPK. Good job man," but our own Wizard had one last card up his sleeve. A last act of desperation.

The Pit Fiend emerged, and the Wizard bellowed, “Assay Spell Resistance, Quickened Spectral Hand, Otto's Irresistable Dance!"

Our Wizard overcame the Spell Resistance and the Pit Fiend started dancing. And, being a Shadowdancer, I took this opportunity to start a dance battle with the Pit Fiend.

We managed to escape after that using Plane Shift during the time the Pit Fiend was busy dancing. Let this be a lesson to you all—sometimes the dumbest decisions can lead to hilarious situations.

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