Silence Works Both Ways

Posted on November 08, 2017

Our band of monsters had escaped from the human-run curiosity zoo that held us, but they later recaptured our Tiefling Warlock and Swanmae Mage. With a little help from my goddess Shar, we were able to disguise ourselves as humans and infiltrate the town where the others of are party were being held. Keep in mind, we didn't go to rescue them. We went to kill them before they could be tortured and divulge the whereabouts of our secret lair. This is what happens when you have almost all evil PCs...

Our Yeti was the tank of the group, and along with his companion owlbear, we could simply shred through the humans without really worrying too much. A single alarm or a spell could wreck the party, so I had the brilliant idea. I would cast Silence on ME. I could break it at will, it had an area of effect that hit both my party and anyone in the zone, and it meant none of the human spellcasters could do anything. It meant none of OUR spellcasters could do anything but they were saving their magic.

The DM made us hand-gesture to one another and mouth out what our plans were before we announced actions. We couldn't talk unless it was to ask him to clarify. This little trick worked brilliantly… that is, until we got upstairs to where the treasure rooms were located.

Our Thief went to unlock a chest to see if our friends' gear and treasures were located inside. He looked a little worried for a moment, but then was able to get the chest unlocked. As soon as the lid popped open we got the loot and went back into the main corridor.

Alarm lights were flashing and there was a heck of a lot of men in the corridor. Guess we had tripped an alarm and couldn't hear it go off. Nor could we hear the small army headed our way—all because of our spell of Silence. OOPS!

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