Solicitors Welcome

Posted on February 08, 2018

Recently we had a session where our goal was to sneak into a warehouse located in a seedy part of town. Due to a time constraint, we needed to do it during the daytime. Our mostly Dwarven party was less than subtle, so we decided not to sneak in.

Previously we had met a street vendor named Mung who sold meat pies made with ingredients best left to the imagination. We paid for him to go solicit free meat pies outside of the warehouse.

The warehouse was in full swing with many goblins and hobgoblins working and moving goods around when he arrived. Many goblins ran outside to get free pies; though, some of the overseers and foremen remained in the warehouse. Good enough for us!

We ran inside, locked ourselves in, dispensed justice, and noticed that those who went outside were merely low-paid workers, while those who remained inside were part of the gang intended to receive said justice.

All in all, it was a good day’s work. The moral of the story is food carts are cool even in D&D.

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