Spell Abuse 101

Posted on August 02, 2018

Nearing the end of our year-long campaign, we found ourselves on a magical airship fighting a dracolich.

This battle had been going on for at least an hour and a half out of game, and we were getting a little loopy. Our Monk especially so. He was angry that he couldn't punch it as he usually did, and his NPC wife (he brought her along, she's also a Barbarian) wasn't exactly pleased that our enemy was keeping at a distance, either.

I was playing a Wizard. I looked over my spell list, and noticed a cantrip that I had prepped for a special occasion. I decided that it had a much better use here.

As the turn order came around to me, I stated, “One could say that Lothar (our Monk) and his wife are an item. You could almost say that they are a ‘fine item’. And I have this spell prepped called 'Launch Item'...”

The rest of the table started to laugh as they figured out where I was going with this.

“It says that I can launch a fine item up to the maximum range. So...”

The DM required a spellcraft check. I passed it, and proceeded to launch the loving couple into the flying skeleton of the acidic dracolich. It was a good day.

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