Tastes Like Chicken

Posted on August 06, 2018

I had been invited to join some friends in a campaign. Now I had played for years with another group of friends, but this would be my first session with these guys. We already had a Human Thief, a Dwarf Cleric and a Mage, so I decided that I would play a Fighter. I rolled up an Orc Fighter named Thar. I was determined to roleplay the typical Fighter—all brawn and no brains.

After a typically nasty fight, the party was beaten and battered with very little in the way of spells or healing left. During the fight our Thief had one of his arms chopped off, so the Cleric and Mage were trying to help him out with what we had on hand and were not listening to Thar’s helpful advice.

Since all of his suggestions were ignored by the ‘smarter’ members of the party, Thar started to get bored. And hungry.

Being a good Orc, Thar decided to make a fire and cook himself some dinner while he waited for the rest of the party to fix the Thief. Thar got a nice fire going, but soon discovered that he had no food left in his pack that he could cook. Being resourceful, he looked around for something he could cook.

After a quick search around the camp he discovered the Thief’s arm on the ground, and thought that would do the trick since the Thief no longer needed it.

I told the DM Thar’s intention. After a startled look, he  gave a smile and a nod.

The smell of cooking meat was what finally got the party’s attention. They turned around so see Thar happily munching on the cooked arm. He politely asked the others if they ‘Want sum’.

I still smile when I think of their horrified expressions when they saw what the Orc was up to.

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