The Acid Well - Part 1

Posted on October 01, 2017

My 4th edition party had just completed a major quest chain and had traveled through a portal, which took us to the top of an unknown tower. All we had to do was descend the tower and we could return to our home base of operations to rest, regroup, and discuss our next steps. If only it were so simple.

At the base of the tower was a large, ornately decorated room that contained a well filled with acid on one side, and an ogre boss guarding the exit on the other side. The plan we crafted was simple enough. Our Paladin and Ranger would sneak to opposite ends of the room halfway between the well and the ogre. My Rogue would then jump onto the edge of the well and hurl terrible insults at the ogre. The ogre would charge my Rogue, the Paladin and Ranger would rip the rug out from under his feet, and the ogre would go tumbling into the acid as the Rogue dove out of the way.

Our DM shook his head but told us to proceed. Rolls for sneaking and bluffing were all made successfully. Then came time for the rug pull.

The Ranger rolled in the high teens, the Paladin rolled a natural 20. As we all cheered, the DM tried to salvage the encounter by having the ogre make a save to keep from going over the edge. He failed.

Rolling for damage, the DM was happy to announce that the ogre took heavy damage, but used his turn to climb back out of the well.

As initiatives came back around, my Rogue was first to act. He used a sling for his ranged weapon and had an ability that allowed for a successful hit to move the target one square. One successful attack roll later, followed by another failed save, and back into the acid the ogre fell, this time not resurfacing.

Our frustrated DM later told us this was meant to be a potentially fatal encounter for our group. He had secretly decided that the rug pull would ONLY work with a natural 20.

We were victorious, but this was not the end of the story for the acid well.

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