The Acid Well - Part 2

Posted on October 03, 2017

After the surprisingly easy win over the ogre, our party was ready to leave the tower and return home. The DM suddenly had us roll perception checks. The Paladin and Ranger both noticed a very small side room with a pedestal in it. Peering in, the only object on the pedestal was a bloodshot eye.

One Arcana check later and the object was identified as the Eye of Vecna. If you know nothing else of Vecna, know that he (and his eye) were undoubtedly and absolutely evil. To even gain the power of the Eye requires the user to gouge out their own eye and replace it with the Eye of Vecna.

Most of our party were immediately repulsed by this idea and were ready to leave the evil artifact where it was. All except our Ranger. He announced to the group that he fully intended to have the Eye, and even pulled out a dagger to preemptively remove his own eye.

Our Paladin declared that she would absolutely not allow such a thing. An initiative roll ensued, with the Paladin winning the first turn. She quickly ran to the pedestal, grabbed the Eye, and immediately threw it into the well of acid.

Thinking the event over, our party turned to leave the tower. The Ranger, however, turned and dove into the well. Using every hit point and healing surge he could, he barely managed to swim down, grab the eye, and return to the surface.

Skin burning, he took a healing potion to give himself enough hit points to gouge out his eye and insert the Eye of Vecna. He and the Paladin were not on speaking terms after that incident.

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