The Barbarian and his Weapon, A Tale of Perseverance

Posted on May 30, 2018

Starting a new campaign is always fun, although for new players it might be a little confusing to make a character from scratch. While building for my first D&D 5e campaign, one of my players (who was making a Barbarian Half-Orc), decided to hastily buy some extra equipment before we started. No problem—gold was spent, items were bagged, and so we began.

The party had been hired by a Wizard's Apprentice to gather some items for a ritual, and so they headed into the woods. After a day of walking and tracking, the characters made camp and rested for the next day. During that rest, the Barbarian decided he'd prepare, and so, sitting by the campfire, he took out a whetstone from his bag, and proceeded to sharpen his weapon…A warhammer.

The rest of the party watched him, snickering. Instead of admitting his mistake and forgetting he did not have a cutting weapon, he did the next logical thing and began the long, painful journey of sharpening the stone warhammer into... A stone axe.

Every single night, the Half-Orc would sit down and work on it. Eventually, he carved an axe made of stone, which I used a bit of houseruling to make viable, and even made it a unique weapon.

The Barbarian is now known as The Stoneshaper, wielder of the Mountain's Fury. He’s still alive, and is still bashing skulls with it.

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