The Curse of Khrundarr

Posted on August 11, 2017

Some characters achieve a level of failure so grand it becomes legend. This was the case with Khrundarr, a Warlock in a game I DMed some time ago.

In his introductory session,  Khrundarr managed to crit fail twice in a row while attempting to stab an unconscious beggar; once on the attack roll, then again on the confirmation roll. Deciding it wouldn't do to have him die in his first session, I had him stab himself in the leg, waking the beggar and alerting a group of nearby guards. This was not the last time the dice conspired to kill him.

Khrundarr, as we came to learn, was cursed. From level one to ten, he:

Was struck by a critical hit almost every time an enemy directed an attack at him.

Rarely, if ever, managed succeed on skill checks.

Crit failed at least once every session, usually more.

Consistently managed to blunder his way into terrible danger—jumping out of cover the same turn a group of archers loose their arrows, for example.

Eventually, Khrundarr's bad luck caught up to him at tenth level. A particularly large Bullette had managed to catch him in its jaws. Already near death, Khrundarr desperately tried to grapple himself out. He rolled a 1.

To this day, whenever the party consistently fails their rolls, we joke that it's an echo of Khrundarr's curse. Oh, and as for his dice? No one uses those anymore. Turns out none of us are keen on being the next Khrundarr.

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