The Farm

Posted by Johnny Appleseed on February 21, 2013
The wool of the black sheep is just as warm

It was a slow Thanksgiving evening and I was asked to run a one-shot game for my brother and cousin; a ranger and barbarian, respectively.

I had never run a one-shot before, I had nothing prepared, and didn't know what to do, so I just started the two of them off by defending a small farming village from scattered goblin bandits. The grateful mayor gave them a handful of gold, and then my ten-year-old brother said something so ingenious it must have been divinely inspired;

"I bet these farms aren't doing so well, with the goblins running around and all. How cheap is the land?"

And before you knew it, they had bought a farm, and that became our game.

Just a few acres at first, but they expanded rapidly. They planted crops, tended chickens and rolled the skill Animal Handling to breed horses. They chased off foxes and started a moonshine still. They even took their pigs to the woods to try and hunt truffles, albeit without success.

With their farm running smoothly and with a lucrative sideline as the local goblin exterminators, the small agricultural community flourished and before too long they were living like old southern plantation owners.

To this day it remains one of our favorite gaming moments, and I always call upon "The Farm" when I need to do a one shot or run a game for younger players.

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