The Fire Squid

Posted on November 09, 2017

On this eventful night, it was a full party of myself as DM and Cleric, an airheaded Sorceress, a Bard, and our red Dragonborn Barbarian, all of whom were hunting down a powerful necromancer yada yada, that isn't the point. While trying to find said necromancer, our Bard and Barbarian set off to the docks in order to drum up some clues.

The two of them split up to cover more ground, and the Bard did some linguistic gymnastics on the guards and dock workers, while the Barbarian chose to speak with a young urchin.

"Yeah I definitely saw that guy you're talking about, I saw him go down this alley over there. Come on mister, I'll show you," said the child.

Our Barbarian had an intelligence of seven and was roleplayed well, seeing as though a chorus of “no's” and “don't you dare's” filled the table, he followed the child eagerly to find the baddie.

As the boy led our Barbarian down the alley, he stopped and whistled loudly. All of a sudden the Barbarian was held under a heavy blanket and was being robbed when the player shouts loudly, "FIRE BREATH!" and he rolled his damage to the sound of collective facepalms.

The next moment the Dragonborn was in prison with my Cleric looking at him through the bars. "What do you have to say for yourself?" I said.

"He startled me," our Barbarian said sadly.

"A child startles you and you spew flames and incinerate his leg, all because he startled you, like some kind of damned Fire Squid!"

As soon as we were done laughing at the new nickname, drawings were sketched and jokes were told until no one could remember his true name. All we knew was ‘don't startle the Fire Squid.’

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