The Glorious Goddess

Posted on June 13, 2018

I DM a bi-weekly game in which my party has been walking through the challenges I place before them without breaking a sweat.

Case in point, one of my players single-handedly two-shot a creature 3 levels higher than him. I'd noticed that in order to challenge my players, I would have to place my party in a difficult situation. With this in mind I set an ambush for them.

Five goblins were waiting on the road in an openly threatening fashion, with about thirty or so waiting in the wings. I'd figured a well-strategized coordinated attack from about thirty-five to forty goblins would give the party an appropriate, fun, and maybe even challenging encounter.

How right I was, but in all the wrong ways.

The party, led by the Oracle Inari—an incredibly vain, insanely beautiful kitsune—approached the head of the ambush, indicating peace. They rolled well enough that the goblins did not attack immediately, and through clever roleplay and good rolls, discovered that this group of goblins were running out of food to feed their too-large city of about four thousand other kin. To supplement their dwindling food stores, they’d taken to raiding the road to steal from adventurers.

Inari and the party gave them all the food rations they carried. and went with this group to the goblin city, intent on solving their food store issues. Inari was casting Create Food/Water as much as she could for the rest of the day, which (when combined with the goblin's fishing and other foodstuffs) created a very nice feast. During this feast the group hatched a master plan to save these goblins from starvation.

One of the characters, a Witch who had Craft Wondrous Item, spent the next two weeks building a giant magical golden statue of Inari that would, when worshipped, cast Create Food/Water. Now, so long as the goblin’s worship Inari they will never go hungry.

That’s how the oracle Inari gained a city of four thousand goblins, who worship her as their goddess.

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