The Gnome-Wielding Barbarian

Posted on January 02, 2018

We’d just had a very tough fight with a slippery Kobold Wizard. In an attempt to catch the Kobold from his perch at the top of a cliff, our Gnome Wizard teleported up to where the Kobold had been. Sadly, the Kobold escaped. Worse, the Gnome realized that he’d used his last teleport to get up the cliff.

In a desperate attempt to avoid climbing down, he decided to use his Wand of Wonder to teleport himself back to the bottom. But the wand backfired into a wild surge, leaving him blind on the edge of the cliff. My Half-Orc Barbarian climbed up and grabbed the Gnome Wizard before he toppled off the edge, then carried him safely down.

A few seconds after I made it to the ground with the Wizard, a group of Ogres came running at us. All the players looked at one other.

"Darn, we could really use a fireball now," someone said.

"Well,” I said, “the Wizard can’t aim a spell, but he can still cast it!"

So I picked up the small Gnome and aimed him at the oncoming Ogres like a cannon, then yelled, "They’re twenty yards ahead! Fire!"

A good wisdom check to determine the distance, plus some other DM-created mechanics, and…BOOM!  The Ogres were hit head-on with the fireball. Who said dumb Half-Orc Barbarians can't use magic?

I didn't get to put the Gnome on my inventory sheet, but it was a fun moment.

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