The Go-verlord

Posted on July 16, 2018

Once there was a merry little band consisting of a Teifling Druid, a Human Fighter/Warlock, a Drow Rogue (me), and a Halfling Wizard.

We were wending our way through the open world and came across a flock of goats. Our Wizard greatly desired to procure one for himself and thus asked the goatherds how much one would be. Alas, the answer did not please our Wizard, as we were informed that these goats belonged to none other than the Goat Overlord himself. We managed to convince our Wizard that we should leave and not interfere in such matters. Besides, it was completely impractical to try and bring a goat with us in our journey.

And so on we went, to a tower where a party seemed to be happening. A tower we very much needed access to. But there was a guest list, and we were not on it. Until one of our group, I remember not who, suddenly announced that we were emissaries of the Go-verlord.

Well, that changed everything! Suddenly we were guests of honor! Everywhere we went, we announced our (very made up) status as emissaries, even setting up trades and such that we thought would be beneficial to the Go-verlord.

Eventually, we were tracked down by shadowy figures while we slept, and made actual emissaries. And this is how the Go-verlord came to be. All because a Wizard wanted to buy a goat.

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