The Great Lemon Heist

Posted on June 05, 2018

We were playing D&D 3.5 with a lot of House Rules. Our party consists of myself as a Halfling Rogue; a Halfling Scout; a Half-Orc Fighter; and a Human Warlock.

We started out as young characters in a street gang inside a very tough port city. As level-ones, we did menial tasks for the gang, and we didn’t earn much gold. So when we learned that as a port city, the value of lemons was 5 silver each (as they were easily stored on ships and needed for nutrition), we decided to steal some.

We met with a foreign ship's Quartermaster and struck a deal for 400 lbs of lemons at 2.3 silver for each lemon—roughly 588 gold worth of lemons. Our Half-Orc managed to get work in a wharf warehouse to scout out the layout, and we devised a stealth-based plan to go in after midnight and lower the barrels of lemons to a skiff through a hatch in the warehouse floor. The DM decided to have some Kenku (Fiend Folio version) there robbing the place ahead of us, so we had to fight them off to get the lemons.

After a near TPK, we killed or drove off all the Kenku and completed our lemon heist. We got paid, and with over 120 gold each, we managed to make enough from one night's work to help improve our equipment in a hurry.

The DM couldn't contain his laughter as he announced we were the first level-one group to pull off a high-value heist of lemons. The whole idea seemed so strange we generally thought it would fail somehow. It just goes to show that you can get treasure all sorts of ways, and not to miss an opportunity when you find out something is of value.

For the next session, I bought lemon cookies for all of the players to celebrate our Great Lemon Heist.

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