The Lucky Cursed Dice

Posted on January 11, 2019

While working on a production of MacBeth I made a bunch of friends, and another friend and I introduced a few of them to D&D. To protect the innocent I'll use their character names, Malcolm and Macduff.

Every group has someone who rolls bad or just makes bad life choices for his characters. One of our newest players, Malcolm, fit that bill. He rolled up a Palpatine-esque Wizard for one game and could not for the life of him hit anything. He got himself this nice set of Cthulhu-style dice and got natural 1 after natural 1. It was uncanny.

Next time I saw him at the table he'd given that cursed dice to Macduff. And Macduff was happy. He liked it, it looked cool. It was a gift from his friend.

I was finishing up a campaign with an epic Orc War and had asked extra people to join for the finale. Malcolm decided to make a Dragonborn champion Fighter, who I decided to give a special magic Maul, Siegebreaker. It could send foes flying on a crit, which for his Fighter would be a 19 or 20.

Sadly Malcolm moved to Mississippi and never got to play, so not letting a good idea go to waste I gave the hammer to Macduff and his new Firbolg Barbarian. He fought the Orc King and with that cursed dice he critted and sent the Big Bad flying. Since then he has fought a Bulette single-handedly, and with the same Cursed Dice he rolled two more crits.

He has never rolled below a 10 with that cursed dice his friend gave him. That's the power of friendship, I guess.

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