The Magic Bag of Beans

Posted on July 10, 2017

Our party had just finished a big boss battle. Our DM was pretty casual so he said, "You can all have any magic item you can correctly name."

At the time, I thought it would be cool to get a bag of beans so we could grow a beanstalk and fight giants. Apparently, a magic item called "Bag of Beans" really does exist in the D&D universe, so he gave it to my character.

Once we got back to the boat (it was a pirate adventure), I took out a bean and threw it into the deepest part of the ocean. Some bubbles started coming out of the water, and I got worried. The bubbles stopped for a few seconds, and then one BIG bubble popped up.

The DM laughed and said, "You all get 1500 XP."

As it turned out, the bean had spawned a giant mole in the water. The giant mole didn't know how to swim, so it instantly died and gave us all xp.

After that, the DM gave me inspiration every time I used the bag of beans, because it did all sorts of crazy stuff.

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