The Old Bait nā€™ Switch

Posted on July 17, 2018

I was beginning a game of D&D for a new group, and I had them make up their characters separately and email me their backstories, to see what we came up with. The party’s backstories, although made individually, turned them into a pretty cohesive treasure-hunting archaeological crew.

So they were starting their first game, and in came a quest from a mysterious benefactor to travel to the island of Chult,requesting they search for some artifact causing massive harm around the Forgotten Realms. As Tomb of Annihilation had just been released, everyone was suitably excited, and raced to the harbor to charter a ship to Chult and begin their swashbuckling adventure.

Swashbuckling was certainly had, as they were attacked by pirates just a few days sailing from Chult on the open ocean. Almost no one noticed the fog rolling in during combat, until it became too thick to see properly.

As it cleared, players and pirates alike were stunned to find themselves on the middle of a lake, surrounded by spooky evergreen trees, with a bizarre purple-grey sky. Everyone was even more surprised as everyone left alive was attacked by will o’ wisps and swarms of bats, one of which transformed into a Vampire Lord, who proceeded to mop up the rest of the pirates before turning on the hapless level 3 party.

To their rescue came a flying man, screaming, “Pick a hell and go to it, cheddar puff!” before knocking the vampire into the air with Bigby’s Hand and zooming off cackling gleefully.

Still stunned, my party looked around, getting their bearings. Welcome to Barovia...

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