The Other Evil

Posted on August 08, 2018

The party I was DMing for consisted of a Dwarf Barbarian, a High Elf Ranger, a Half-Elf Rogue, a lawful evil Human Sorcerer (with the most badass name ever, Grimm Buckman), and finally a chaotic neutral Gnomish Bard. The background I got for this Gnome was that he was on a permanent revenge quest against all the people who had in one way or another destroyed some portion of forest. Essentially he was a hyper-radical Captain Planet.

I started off the group in a town that was filled up to the brim with bandits, and a corrupt mayor that let them do whatever they pleased so long as it profited him. The guards were helpless against these brutes. So the captain of the guard commissioned our adventurers (after splitting a bandit in half in a tavern and scaring his buddies away) to kill the bandit leader and bring back his head.

They journeyed out, fighting any lingering bandits away, and made pretty short work of the bandit leader. After recovering the head, the rest seemed pretty straight forward—deliver head, scare bandits, and be heroes to the town. Then the Gnome got an idea.

While they were carrying out this mission, the captain of the guard and his men were keeping all the bandits busy in the tavern, meaning there wouldn't be anyone watching the corrupt mayor's house. The Gnome proposed that before they brought the head back to the guards, they could break into the mayor's house, loot the place, and punish him for his greed and corruption. The party agreed.

While they were breaking in, the mayor woke up from a slumber and panicked. The Gnome chased him, stabbed him through the heart, and whispered, "For the trees!" as the mayor died.

But while they were robbing the dead mayor's house, the bandits fought their way out of the tavern and engaged the guards in an all-out street brawl. The adventurers, realizing that the guards were hopelessly outnumbered, decided the best course of action was to get the hell out of dodge.

So instead of saving the town, the party inadvertently caused a bandit takeover. This is why I now refer to the chaotic neutral alignment as The Other Evil.

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