The Pitching Hour

Posted on September 06, 2018

Sometimes you are awed by a player or NPC who can do unconventional things with ease. In this case it was a Hag.

I was DMing a 5e game for friends. The party consisted of a Human Fighter who only used Crossbows, a Dragonborn Paladin, a Kenku Rogue, a Human Warlock, and a Sun Elf Cleric. I enjoyed throwing unusual enemies at them, such as goblins with featherfall potions, kobolds thrown by catapults, or an evil moody Bard. It was only a matter of time before they met a Hag. The Green Hag (named Granny Rottyrumps) lived in a Baba Yaga style hut with chicken legs, and I'd given her some odd tricks up her sleeve. Two of these tricks required her to throw the items at the party.

So the party lost the element of surprise and were fighting the Hag while she was a good fifteen feet off the ground inside her chicken hut. The Hag decided it was time to toss weird item number 1: a jar of poisonous slugs that, well, obviously poison whoever they land on. The Hag attempted to toss the jar at the Rogue. Natural 20.

This green old woman nailed the Rogue with a glass jar of slugs, piercing him with glass and covering him in slugs. A few rounds of combat pass, and things weren’t going well for the Hag, so it was time for weird item number 2.

She picked up a box of junk and bones, which upon hitting a cursed diamond ring would fly out (too good to pass up for the greedy type of adventurer). But first she had to throw it. She aimed for the Cleric. Natural 20 again.

The Cleric took a perfect curveball to the head. There were plenty of good moments in the campaign and in that fight, but the Hag rolling Natural 20's to throw junk from her house at this group of adventurers was one of my favorite encounters.

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