The Power of Homebrew

Posted on September 07, 2018

This particular tale begins when our DM had us facing a half-demon who had been the leader of an adventuring party we had teamed up with. We tracked him through the dungeon and found a portal-like device that transported each of us into separate pocket dimensions. I was transported to the one containing the evil half-demon.

Before I continue, here’s some information about the type of game we were running: One of my friends was DMing, and he made the poor choice of allowing homebrew into the campaign. We were all 5th level and had 25,000 gp of magic items. The first of our team was a cat-person Rogue. I can't remember (or pronounce) the character's name, but she had some form of armor that gave her superior invisibility for a few hours, three times a day. The second character was a healer. The healer was a homebrew class much like an under-powered psionic version of the Cleric who could cast cure minor wounds at-will. So, after every battle, we were restored to full health. The third character was a Ranger who hated the undead, and had an intelligent bow made for fighting them. When he attacked an undead with it, he rolled at least 5 dice plus a multiplier die. He basically nuked anything that was reanimated. The fourth character was played by me. The DM agreed that I could homebrew a class in D&D 3.5e, and also let my homebrew the race. So Calthes, the Demonsworn Magus was created. The DM decided that I could have a bonded magic sword. I ended up with a 400,000-something gp intelligent sword, with several powerful at will spell-like abilities.

As I searched through the pocket dimension for the half-demon, the area I was in was filled with the illusion of a coliseum. The half-demon appeared before my character, cursing at him. Then he cast a spell that caught my character in the grasp of a stone hand. He then proceeded to cast a spell on me, which was deflected thanks to my character’s powers. Then it was my turn.

Calthes drew Edge, his +5 intelligent longsword (that's right, at 5th level) and chopped through the hand in one mighty swing. Then he turned his attentions upon the poor half-demon. Rolling a natural 20, and confirming the critical hit, he managed to drop his opponent in one hit, sundering one of his kidneys in the process.

The DM, stunned, declared that he had been knocked unconscious by the attack.

So let this be a warning to all sane Dungeon Masters out there: Always look over your player's character sheets at least three times, to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

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