The Price of Destruction

Posted on April 18, 2018

Many years back, I got into a pickup AD&D 1st game at a local con. The two players already at the table had brought their Fighters, so I rolled up a Warrior Priest of Tyr in keeping with the DM's setting.

After a while, I'd exhausted my major Cleric spells, so I called a halt and explained it was time to pray. As I drew the circle and lit the candles and incense, I made it clear they needed to stay in the area.

Sure enough, as I communed with my god, they decided to do a bit of exploration and ran smack into a wraith, which proceeded to snack on them. I'm not sure who screamed the loudest as the two nitwits turned tail and scurried back to me.

As they begged for my help, I cracked an eye and informed them, "Eff you, I said I was praying!"

By this time the wraith had rounded the last corner, so I stood up, doused the candles, brandished my holy symbol and proceeded to destroy the undead horror. My next act was to peruse each of their character sheets and relieve them of some nifty magic items as a donation to my deity.

The DM answered their protests by echoing my sentiment: "Eff you, he said he was praying!"

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