The Red Birthday

Posted on August 28, 2017

Our group was playing in a homebrew world. They’d arrived in the capital city of the largest kingdom, just in time for the crown prince's birthday celebrations. The group made their way to the palace, and as a few of them were nobility, gained entry to the party. Some spoke with the king and the prince, but most were looking for the princess, as they were all seeking to court her.

The party's Paladin turned from the king and rolled to search for the princess. He rolled a natural one.

Now here is where it gets interesting. As DM, I use crit cards and fumble cards that have adverse effects. As his role was a critical failure, the Paladin drew from the fumble pile. The ambush card.

Nine assassins appeared and began slaughtering party-goers. The group quickly jumped to action, one casting invisibility on the princess to save her. The Monk had an ability that essentially made him a waterbender, and used the ale from close-by barrels and mugs. And so he encased himself in a sphere of frozen beer and waited out combat. The Rogue flipped a table and held off more assassins from the elder of the two princesses.

After a few rounds of awesome feats and hilarious actions, the party ended victorious. Everybody had died except for the royal family, a few guards, and the members of the adventuring group. All from a single fumble.

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