The Red Cat Inn

Posted on March 07, 2017

My group of friends and I traded off DMing different campaigns, and when it fell to me to DM, I took up the mantle for fun times in Ravenloft. It was during one extended play session (at approx 3AM in the morning) when this story took place.

Shortly after the group reached the dark and evil lands, they found themselves in need of an Inn. It was either stay warm and safe indoors, or risk being stuck out in the cold during the night (which they had found to be an unwise idea). I steered them toward the Red Cat Inn. Everything appeared normal; warm fire in the hearth, a friendly innkeeper and his wife... the only oddity was there were a larger than normal number of cats residing in the Inn.

The party ignored this fact and all bedded down for the night. The Fighter and Tank of the group were woken in the night by copious amounts of banging on the door to their room, followed by a scream. The scream cut off midway. Upon investigation, a large pool of blood was found outside the door. There was no body, not even drag marks, just a pool of blood. A cat sat calmly at the end of the hall, watching the Fighter as he played detective.

As he crept around the quiet Inn to investigate, the single cat was joined by others, gaining in number until he had fifteen cats following him around the Inn. They would simply follow, then sit down and watch him whenever he would turn to look at them. The Fighter was getting more and more creeped out by the cats as time went on.

The Fighter woke the rest of the party and they all hightailed it out of there in the middle of the night. The party was never attacked. No true encounter ever took place. They were just scared of what "could" have happened if they stayed in this particular Inn the rest of the night.

The party never once stayed in an Inn again, choosing to sneak into farmer’s barns and the like for the remainder of the campaign.

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