The Rise and Fall

Posted by Zeenak the Mighty on March 03, 2013
next time, a pixie

I've always liked to play warrior archetypes. You know: the mammoth-sized Pally with the orc-cleaver sword, or the axe-swinging warrior with a mean streak. Those were the guys who I used during my first several campaigns to hunt down Mr. Necromancer So-and-So who set his undead army on Bob's Tavern. I almost always played the muscle-laden brute, and I was almost always human.

To be honest, I was a bit bland.

When my gaming group decided to start a new campaign, I thought it'd be fun to get out of my comfort zone. I compromised with my usual choice of character and rolled a Kobold Barbarian, Zeenak the Mighty! He was a four feet and one inches of bad-ass, curse-spewing petulance for right around one glorious hour of gameplay.

On our first encounter we faced off against a young dragon. The vicious beastie had decided it would be good fun to take flight and rain damage down on us from the sky. Being a creative group, our other brute (a Goliath) decided we would perform a 'fastball special' in which he would hurl my little Kobold at the dragon... whether I was willing or not.

The maneuver was a success and my tiny Kobold managed to grab his spear out in time to stab it into the dragon. Unfortunately, this left me hanging on for dear life to my impaled prey. Injured but no down the dragon continued to spew flames from the heavens. Determining it would be impossible to continue fighting this dragon while in flight, one of our other party members thought to use a called shot on the dragon's wing to bring it down. He drew his bow and fired.

While normally any critical success is highly celebrated by all members of the party; I couldn't help but feel a tinge of despair as my dragon-hosts wing was torn to shreds mid-air sending he and I hurtling toward the earth. The Mighty Zeenak, clung to his spear, as the mass of flailing wings, claws, and dragon-muscle descended at top speed and made a smoking, dragon-sized crater in the pavement. My newly rolled Kobold Barbarian was crushed under the beast's writhing body and all I could think was,

"Poor Kobolds. They never can catch a break."

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