The Stormcrow

Posted on April 17, 2017

I’ve been running this group for the better part of a year now, and this is the tale of their finest, if not most ridiculous, execution yet. The group is made up of an Elven Eldritch Knight who acts more like a Paladin than the party Paladin; said Paladin who is possessed by a demon; an Elven Ranger and her pet Dire Wolf; a philandering Half-Elf Bard princess, and a Human Wizard who was expelled from the college arcanum.

While traveling through a heavily wooded area, the party came across some uprooted trees. Wondering what this was about, they inquired with the local villagers, who explained that hill giants were active in the area and had been seemingly attacking the trees at night. This was followed by the giants staggering around and rutting in the fields, which caused great damage to both property and psyches. When the party went to investigate the matter, the Wizard attempted to cast Detect Magic as a ritual, only to find her book had been stolen.

After some investigation, they found that it was a faerie dragon who had invisibly stolen her book. This led to a discussion, wherein the party realized that the giants were attacking the forests to get high off of the faerie dragon's euphoria breath, which the faerie dragons were using in self-defense. To better understand what they were up against, the party made some intelligence checks to see what they knew about hill giants.

A nat 20 led to me reading the following passage directly from the Monster Manual: "A hill giant might be fooled into running from another giant if a number of villagers cover themselves in blankets and stand on one another's shoulder holding a giant-painted pumpkin head."

With the aid of the faerie dragons and the villagers, the party made up a giant scarecrow out of fallen trees and some old rags. When the giants returned that night, the party and the faerie dragons conjured the image of a Storm Giant onto the scarecrow. These very impressive illusions led to all of the hill giants fleeing in terror, convinced that a Storm Giant had take up residence in the town.

The village now has a new festival to keep up the scarecrow each year, the faerie dragons now have a way to protect themselves, and the party now has a little yellow faerie dragon friend who will be following (and playing tricks on) the party who drove off a troop of hill giants with a scarecrow… all because of one line from the Monster Manual.

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