The Strange Green Stone

Posted by Jack T. Colton on April 23, 2015

My friends and I are pretty hardcore gamers. We meet every Sunday for one of four games currently in progress, lasting from noon until well into the morning. During a game I was running, my friends were caught in a portion of the Abyss with no way out.

The party consisted of a Wizard, a Fighter, a Rogue, a Paladin, a Cleric, and a Barbarian. The party was exhausted, having to fight their way to what they thought was the exit from that plane.

The Barbarian had no Rages, the Wizard and Cleric no spells, and the Paladin had one use of Lay on Hands left. In front of them was not the exit, but a room with a strange spinning crystal which shined with many colors.

The door behind them was heavily fortified and locked, which served to keep the hordes of angry monsters away from them. After setting a guard our Wizard prepared several spells to help them escape the desperate situation they found themselves in. When the Wizard had readied his spells the party escaped through the portal that had opened.

The Fighter of our group, who while not the smartest, had a deal of common sense. Before stepping through he determined that the crystal, as large and unique as it was and since it was behind the heavy super-fortified steel door, was something important.

It was.

In this particular world setting every plane of existence had a core, a gem or jewel that powered it and helped it keep it's place in the universe.

The Fighter filled a bag with several clay pots full of explosive material, fuse grenades, and about a hundred flasks of Alchemist's Fire that the Alchemist in the group had been working on each night so he could sell them at the next city.

Also in the bag was a strange green stone that had been found on a zombie several sessions before. This stone was about the size of a football, though only as thick as a large textbook. The Fighter drops this burlap sack next to the pedestal where the core is and steps through the portal.

He then throws a final vial of Alchemist's Fire at the sack.

He rolls a 20.

KABOOM! The whole thing is saturated and burning like holy hell.

The Fighter then asks the Wizard to dismiss the portal. He does. On the other side, the resulting blast from the dozen fuse grenades and hundred Alchemist's Fires causes a strange reaction with the green stone.

See, I had given them this stone as a chance to create a truly unique weapon. It was a chunk of naturally occurring uranium. I certainly didn't plan on the Fighter throwing it in a bag of explosives.

I probably should have told them what it was.

The blast was hot enough and powerful enough to cause the uranium to enter fission mode. The resulting explosion destroyed the core of the Abyss and wiped an entire plane of existence off the cosmic map. After that the Fighter was not allowed to buy more than two fuse grenades at a time, and the Alchemist couldn't make more than ten vials of Fire before needing to replenish his supplies.

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