The Underpants Parachute

Posted on June 14, 2017

Our group has been playing D&D together for a while now, and as such we’ve had a bunch of ridiculous things happen in our adventures. The one that sticks out is from our very last game in Curse of Strahd.

As we approached Ravenloft we knew we would need to get into the highest tower of the Castle and destroy the Heart of Sorrow in order to defeat Strahd. Now it’s worth mentioning that I was playing a hulking Warforged Paladin who was more than aware of his own weight and lack of dexterity, so climbing a super tall tower made him a little bit nervous.

Thus the Underpants Parachute was born. A patchwork sheet with some strings that was basically useless, but my character kept it close in the hopes it could make the difference between life and death at some point.

Well, it did, but not how anyone expected.

At one point in the tower another PC heroically leapt off of the highest platform in order to escape an attacking Vampire, and also to take an arrow shot at the Heart of Sorrow. He hit it and the Heart cracked, but the PC began falling to their doom. The DM made it very clear that their character was going to die.

At this point everyone was trying to figure out how to save him. After a few ideas were dismissed I perked up and said, "I will throw him my parachute.”

The DM laughed and responded with, "This should be impossible. But hey, why not. If I roll a Crit then you will successfully toss him the parachute.”

He rolled the dice. His eyes widened. "I don't f**king believe it!"


The parachute worked and the PC floated to the tower floor, safe for about two seconds before being ambushed by flying halberds. Fun times.

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