There’s Something Wrong Here

Posted by Publius Vergilius Maro on September 19, 2013
Hell or Purgatory?

We were a large party of players. I don't remember much about the other characters except that our party had a Mage, a Barbarian, a Rogue, and a Druid. I was a Paladin.

Our campaign took us through some pretty rough encounters. It all began with fighting a bunch of monsters in an underground lake that was part of a magically active volcano. They had ambushed us and collapsed the entrance to the cave (and our only escape route). Kept alive by magic rings, we had to fight in pitch blackness as our torches had gone out. Wearing plate mail I sunk directly to the bottom of the lake and began to swing my sword at anything that got near enough to bother me.

The Rogue used his Spider Cloak to climb to the roof, and our Mage spelled his daggers to light the small lake. From my vantage point all I saw was six monsters swarming our Druid, who in a desperate attempt at survival pulled out his wand of random spells and attacked the nearest enemy.

Rolling, it went straight up into the monsters nose, and the spell, out of about a hundred different random ones, was a Fireball.

It instantly incinerated all the monsters and knocked him and three of our party into unconsciousness.

The light cast by the fireball revealed a passageway, magically sealed on the wall next to the floor. We dragged our almost dead party through it without hesitation.

After we healed ourselves we marched triumphantly down the tunnel, awakening a Giant Spider and its children. Our party, in no way prepared, did what our characters would do and charged.

The Druid somehow ended up grappling with the Giant Spider while I smashed at the hundreds of little spiders at my feet.

Our Barbarian decided the best course of action was to cleanse the tunnel, so he ran back to the seal under the lake. Using his magic ring, having no idea of the effect, he activated it INSIDE the seal, causing it to explode and flood the tunnel. While that was happening, my reckless attacks caused the floor to break and I fell, with all the little spiders, into the cavern below. The cavern housed a baby Bullet. (We found out later this entire encounter had been designed to kill us).

The water rushed down the passageway and most of our party was able to hold onto something in one way or another, except for me and the Druid.

I was smashed, the spiders were killed, and the Bullet drowned. The Druid and Giant Spider went flying down the tunnel, preoccupied with each other, and out into the main cavern overlooking the lava.

Both failing a save check, they tumbled into the fiery abyss. It was at this point we realized that something was wrong with this place.

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