They call me Tater

Posted on April 13, 2017

Back in high school, I'd gotten a few friends of mine to finally nerd out and give D&D a try with an experienced DM I knew. We had a decent sized party; an Elven ranger that managed an 18 Dexterity and could snipe anything that moved; a Gnome Illusionist whose motto was, "I'm a Gnome, I'm a beast, I will eat you,"; a Half-Orc Barbarian that liked to think it was smarter than it was and tried to be philosophical;  and me, the Half-Elf Cleric (because I was the only one who cared if the others lived or died). Oh yes, and there was our Halfling Rogue, Tater.

I'd been gaming since age nine, so I already knew a lot of the tricks and what should, and more importantly, what should NOT be done. Needless to say, my friends were oblivious. Therein lies the rub.

Our DM was starting us off with some basic low-level dungeon crawls to get everyone used to their characters and the rules before moving on to the rest of the 3.5E campaign. We'd managed to score some decent loot, and had made it to about level 4 or 5 when we faced our first giant. It was just a hill giant, but for us low-level characters it was going to be a pretty good brawl.

We got off to a bad start due to some horrendous rolling, and our Barbarian was bleeding out by the second round due to a critical miss followed by a critical hit. Our Ranger had managed to get his bow snapped in half and was trying to punch the giant to death. The Gnome was out of spells and was just trying to hide until he could escape. My trusty Cleric was still standing, but was out of ways to heal.

This was where Tater and house rules saved the day. Normally it would be suicidal for a Halfling to climb and grapple a hill giant, but not this day. Our dear Rogue Tater climbed the giant, stood on it's head, and dodged it's grasping hands for a couple rounds doing minimal damage. Then the miracle. Tater rolled a natural 20 with his crossbow. Critical confirmation roll: natural 20. This allowed our house rule to go into effect. 3 natural 20's in row was an instant kill. And Tater did.

He rolled a third natural 20 and shot a crossbow bolt straight through the giant’s skull. He then backflipped off the falling corpse and landed in a striking pose with some easy acrobatics and proclaimed, "From now on call me Tater… the Giant-Slayer."

From that day forward whenever things were looking bleak, we would call upon the powers that be to let us channel our inner Taters.

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