This Ones for You

Posted by S. Mackenzie on April 02, 2013
after a hard day's work...

Fighting a band of pirates at their island base, our double classed Human Warrior/Mage found himself surrounded by low-level pirates.

We also had an Elven Mage who was on top of a nearby building and saw the situation. The DM asked the elf what he wanted to do.

"I fireball them all. Bud can live through it. They can't."

"Where do you center the fireball,” the DM asked.

"On Bud,” he said.

Our Elf rolled VERY well. The end result was a smoldering, now hairless Warrior/Mage with broken bracers of defense and maybe six hit points left standing in the middle of a smoking crater surrounded by a round dozen well done pirate corpses. The DM asked Bud what his character does in response.

With a grin he said, "I look up at the sky and shout 'Bud Light!'"

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