Three Questions

Posted on September 01, 2017

Our group was lost in an enchanted dungeon. The enchantment was very powerful and we came to realize that the spells’ purpose was to make intruders lose their way. So there we were, completely lost in a dungeon crawling with unnamed horrors and full of deadly traps.

Over time, we somehow managed to find the inner sanctum—a kind of manor built of stone, located deep within a cavern. We split into two teams and started to explore the rooms.

Eventually my party found the sole survivor of the manor, the King of the dungeon. He himself had been magically enchanted and was condemned to stay here, bound to his throne. Many lifespan had passed and the King, now an undead human dried out and stripped of his flesh, was nothing but a mere shadow of his former glory.

With a voice like sandpaper he explained that it was his duty to answer three questions to anyone brave enough to reach his manor. It is important to mention here that no one ever reached this place and that we, as a group, would have all three replies at our disposal. However, the king warned us that after he answered the third question, the spell would be broken and he would finally die.

One of the players asked a question right away. “Oh great King, do you know a safe way out of the dungeon?”

“Yes, I do,” replied the king, without giving any further hint or comment.

That moment, we realized we’d have to be very careful about how we worded our last two questions.

Discussing how the next question should be phrased, and figuring out potential answer-scenarios, time moved on. Meanwhile the other half of our group arrived in the throne room, led by our archer Gori, the Troll. While his player was very smart, his character Gori wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

In defense of said player I have to point out that while we were talking to the king, he and his fellows were engaged in a fight with some undead guardians of the mansion. Our friends were bruised but not beaten. They managed to retreat to the throne room, and with our combined forces we fought the guardians back, barricading us safely in the hall… for now.

With all that fighting, the other players missed our conversation with the King and had no idea what was going on. And with all our attention focused on barricading the room, none of us had time to give the other party members the low-down. Ignoring the rest of the party, Gori decided to rest a bit to gain some strength. He walk directly to the throne and when he realized that someone was sitting there, he addressed the King.

“Hello, old man. You don’t look so good. Are you okay?” he asked with a childish innocence.

“I am getting better,” answered the King, only one question away from his salvation.

Before any of us could say a word the player went on. “Really?” asked Gori, as he could clearly see that the King was far from getting physically better.

“Oh yes! You have no idea...” and by answering the third question, the King’s corpse turned to ash as he finally died, leaving us alone without any hope of rescue.

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