Troublesome Dwarf

Posted on October 08, 2018

I joined an online D&D group with a bunch of strangers, and assumed the other players knew each other. There were six players, including me and a DM. My companions included a Dwarf Barbarian/Monk, a Half-Orc Paladin, a Cleric, a Fighter and an Elf Rogue. I played the second Rogue in the group, except my archetype was an arcane trickster which is super cool but bad at finding traps.

The DM ran the Tomb of Horror campaign, and I was excited to play one of the classics. The DM was cool and the players were fun to be with, except for the Dwarf—a multiclass Barbarian/Monk who consumed most our time arguing with the DM. The Dwarf was a jerk to the DM, and kept talking about his understanding of the rules (which were a hundred percent wrong). He said that his Barbarian ‘Danger Sense’ would instantly dodge traps, instead of granting him an advantage saving throw.This all happened at the time we were fighting a group of zombies, so he spent his entire turn arguing to find a way to get an extra action.

After our zombie encounter the DM decided to take a 30 min break. While the DM was away, the Dwarf talked behind the DM's back with the other players. Frankly, we were all sick of his attitude. If the DM hadn’t posted the rules about not killing another player, we would have pushed him into the pit trap if we had the chance.

After the break we resumed the game, and the players slowly left the game because of the Dwarf. Our next encounter was a gargoyle, who swooped down and grabbed the Paladin, then dropped him into the pit. The Dwarf leapt in an attempt to mount the gargoyle. Both fell into the pit.

The Dwarf started arguing with the DM again about his Monk ‘Step of the Wind’. He said that this feature made it so he could leap on air, and we all knew that’s not the way it worked.

Eventually the Dwarf got mad and left the game. That was the last time we ever heard from the Dwarf. It was the most awkward game I ever experienced.

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