Try Not to Choke on It

Posted on September 17, 2018

Introducing a new player into an established campaign can be a real hassle: Here's how my DM pulled it off brilliantly.

Delving into yet another dungeon for the promise of riches and cool new magic toys, our four-man team found themselves confronting a green dragon, clearly bloodied amidst the broken remains of another adventuring party who had made a good go of slaying the thing, though unsuccessful. A difficult fight ensued, which we certainly would have lost if the dragon hadn't already been at half health when we began.

Every round or so our DM would note that the dragon would wince in pain unexpectedly, surely the result of the unfortunates that came before us. Finally defeating the dragon, our party was surprised to discover someone cutting their way out from *inside* the dragon's neck!

Crawling out from the carcass after being swallowed whole in the previous fight, the Fighter rose shakily to her feet, turned to the dragon's corpse, and proclaimed, "NOW who needs an after-dinner mint?" before passing out.

And that's how "Minty" Jackson joined our party and got a sweet nickname.

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