What Fighters Do Best

Posted on October 30, 2018

The manor was haunted. Manors are often haunted, it's a thing, and this haunted manor was being dealt with by my party's group. And, score, we'd found the ghosts! All three of them. All at once. Which we weren't actually supposed to do… Our DM should really know better than to throw a locked door at us by now. And spooky feelings and such are just a sign to hit the door harder because there's something interesting behind it.

In any case, our party of five was currently a party of three, with our Rogue unconscious and our Bard having no offensive spells or magic weapons, which were the only things that could harm the ghosts. This left us our War Mage, our 'Witch,' and my Fighter, who was the only one consistently making his saves against an insanity effect the ghosts had. And my Fighter is a great guy, but he's somewhat lacking in the ranged spells department. Nevertheless, he stepped up, enchanted great sword in hand, and did his best against our semi-substantial foe, landing a pretty solid hit against one of them.

Aaaaaand the next round she temporarily dispelled all the magic on his sword, returning to it the bane of all who fight ethereal foes—the dreaded 50/50 miss chance. I didn't even bother trying to hit her with it again, just let it clatter to the floor, then drew the second enchanted great sword I had found recently but hadn't hawked for gold yet (bless the Quick Draw feat), and smote her again, to similar results the next turn in regards to disenchantment.

Now, a thing you should know about my DM? He can be kind. And one of the ways he does this is that he often tailors the loot we find to be useful to our characters. Which is why, as the ghost stared in shock, my Fighter once again dropped his weapon, drew a THIRD magical sword, and, with a grin, quoted the catchphrase of Fighters everywhere: "I never run out of sword."

First time I've ever had a ghost roll its eyes at me.

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