Yes Man

Posted on May 07, 2018

This little tale comes from a GMing policy I've adopted from other systems where I simply say "Yes" when the PCs want to do something. I generally let the dice decide a lot of things so that the players don't feel like I'm railroading them.

The campaign I've been running has an ongoing follower named Janus. Most GMs will probably quickly see the hint in the name of the Roman God with two faces. In order to add flavour to this character, one of the players started asking me details about him. I gave a thorough description, but when his donkey got mentioned everyone stopped paying attention to Janus and started talking about the donkey.

Next thing I knew, the donkey was named Zanzibar and half the party was convinced this donkey was some sort of genius-level wizard in disguise or something equally insane. Having already said yes, I went with it.

Later in the campaign when the matter of Janus' loyalty and trustworthiness was in question, the players once again focused on Zanzibar! They created this idea that Janus was just the frontman with no idea what was going on, and that Zanzibar was the one to keep an eye on.

Even now, the one-off character that I had originally thought the players would leave buried up to his neck in the desert (this being a Western themed campaign after all), is instead still with them. The Monk and donkey combo are known as Zanzibar and Janus, and whenever that unresolved plot line comes up the "Janus" is frequently missing.

Along with a giant bee familiar that uses its wings to sing, Zanzibar has been the MVNPC of this campaign, and probably will continue to be for months or years to come.

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