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Table Titans chronicles the adventures of Alan, Andrew, Val, Darby, & Darius (the Table Titans themselves), as they embark on many adventures both at and away from the gaming table.


Table Titans is more than just a comic! It's a daily updated digital tome of all things tabletop RPG, including:

  • Table Titans - The online comic that started it all! New comics posted Monday thru Thursday
  • Binwin's Minions - The ongoing adventures of Binwin Bronzebottom. New comics every Friday
  • Tales from the Table - Fan submittted yarns of triumph and glory. Updated daily, Monday thru Friday
  • Proclamations - A bottomless bag filled with news, tips, features, and more!

SCOTT KURTZ (Writer / Illustrator)

Scott Kurtz has been drawing in the margins of his character sheets for nearly thirty years. His love of art led him to devote his life to cartooning, but it was his love of storytelling that led him to create Table Titans.

An Eisner and Harvey award-winning cartoonist, Scott helped pioneer online comics with his daily strip series Player vs Player. Val, Alan, and Andrew, collectively the Table Titans, originally appeared on Player vs Player as part of a special series of comics done in conjunction with Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast. They proved so popular that Scott spent an entire month with the gaming group as they braved the world’s most dangerous, and little known D&D dungeon: The Mines of Madness. When the strips ended the fan mail started pouring in.

“I write and illustrate the Table Titans, but they exist because the fans asked for more.” –Scott R. Kurtz




Steve Hamaker is the Eisner and Harvey Award nominated colorist of the BONE graphic novels published by Scholastic. In addition to providing colors for Table Titans, he also self-publishes the online graphic novel, PLOX. Other coloring work includes, RASL, Strangers in Paradise 10th Anniversary #1, and the Mylo Xyloto comic series with Mark Osborne and Coldplay, Steve works from his home and resides in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and son.


BRIAN HURTT (Writer / Illustrator)


Brian Hurtt is an acclaimed comic book artist and co-creator of The Sixth Gun and The Damned. A self-described armchair outdoors-man and lone wolf his other notable works include the second arc in Greg Rucka's critically acclaimed series Queen & Country, and DC's series Gotham Central and Hard Time. He resides just outside of St. Louis in a room covered in black ink.


TAVIS MAIDEN (Writer / Illustrator)


Tavis Maiden is the internet-reality-show superstar and comic creator best know for his creator owned, all-ages comic Tenko King. He's also the creator of the critically acclaimed family-centric comic strip Stranger Danger. Every week he lends his fantastic talent to Table Titans for the site's adventure comic Binwin's Minions.

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