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Adventure Journals Return with Five New Colors!

Posted by Table Titans on December 15, 2020

We're spending a lot of time indoors these days and playing a lot Dungeons & Dragons online with friends! What better way to commit those D&D memories to ink than in a brand new Adventure Journal.

That’s right, our award pending Adventure Journals are back in stock, available for arrival at your door before Christmas in FIVE fantastic new colors.

What’s the Adventure Journal? Well, I’m glad you asked that. The Adventure Journal is a sleek, clothbound hardcover journal with pre-printed pages, designed by yours truly, to chronicle the statistic, adventures and exploits of your Dungeons & Dragons characters. Each journal contains eno…

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Final Hours of the Adventure Journal Reprint Kickstarter

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on September 17, 2020
If you play Dungeons & Dragons then you know how impossible it can be to keep track of your character sheet. They’re always just a hair bigger than the hardcover manuals to keep them in and they always get lost or crumpled.
A couple years ago, I designed a hardcover journal to solve this problem and more. It’s called the Adventure Journal and it holds up to three characters with printed pages for stats, equipment, spells, portraits, backgrounds, notes, maps, and more. You could even use the Adventure Journal to chronicle the adventures of one character for three levels throughout their career.
We’ve sold out of the Advent…

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Bestiary Larry

Posted by Table Titans on November 07, 2019

Binwin's Minions co-creators and our good buddy Tavis Maiden is running a Kickstarter to produce the most adorable enamel pins.

Bestiary Larry’s Big Book of Creatures is a collectible cloisonne’ pin set of cute mythical beasts. Join aspiring anthrofantastic-cryptozoologist Bestiary Larry as he searches high and low, cataloging the cutest versions of the world's most curious creatures! Tavis is a little over $1500 away from reaching his goal. Help bring these adorable cuddle monsters to life and let them adorn your jacket, bag or lapel.


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Gen Con 2019

Posted by Table Titans on August 01, 2019
Huzzah, Gen Con 2019 is upon us! We are thrilled to be back at Booth 2754 where we’ve got familiar faces slinging some new & exciting wares! Let’s jump into the sandbox and show you what we’ve got this year! 
This is what GenCon is all about! We are excited for BRUTALITY to make its GenCon debut! Stop by the booth to demo BRUTALITY with creator Stephan Frost and pick up your copy and expansions while supplies last! Can’t make it to the show? We’ve got the Brutal Bundle available in the Table Titans Shoppe, shipped worldwide! 
CASKET LAND, by the fantastically talented Marie Enger, is ALSO making its GenCon debut! To…

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Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on July 08, 2019

Hey, Titans, Scott here. I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on my father’s health. Many of you ask me about him online and at conventions. He’s been a part of the comic strip and I know many of you are fans and are concerned. Which means the world to us.

Dad had a couple falls last week and after some imaging, doctors found some new stroke activity. He’s being cared for now, and plans are for him to return to in-patient rehab and then he’ll be getting his own place with skilled care very close to where we currently live.

It’s been a challenging but rewarding seventeen months since we moved dad in to live with us. Being his…

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