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Adventure Journals Return with Five New Colors!

Posted by Table Titans on December 15, 2020

We're spending a lot of time indoors these days and playing a lot Dungeons & Dragons online with friends! What better way to commit those D&D memories to ink than in a brand new Adventure Journal.

That’s right, our award pending Adventure Journals are back in stock, available for arrival at your door before Christmas in FIVE fantastic new colors.

What’s the Adventure Journal? Well, I’m glad you asked that. The Adventure Journal is a sleek, clothbound hardcover journal with pre-printed pages, designed by yours truly, to chronicle the statistic, adventures and exploits of your Dungeons & Dragons characters. Each journal contains enough space for three characters, or perhaps you’d prefer to use one journal to chronicle three different stages of just one of your characters. Novice, adventurer and veteran. The choice is up to you.

With beautifully laid out pages for character sheets, portraits, spells, equipment, notes, maps, and more, the adventure journal brings real character to your characters. And you can get them right now from our store. Never again worry about losing your character sheet, or having it crumpled and bent because standard printing paper is slightly larger than the player’s handbook where you store it. Stop lugging your ipad around just to have access to one pdf. The Adventure Journal is the answer to your needs!

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