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Final Hours of the Adventure Journal Reprint Kickstarter

Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on September 17, 2020
If you play Dungeons & Dragons then you know how impossible it can be to keep track of your character sheet. They’re always just a hair bigger than the hardcover manuals to keep them in and they always get lost or crumpled.
A couple years ago, I designed a hardcover journal to solve this problem and more. It’s called the Adventure Journal and it holds up to three characters with printed pages for stats, equipment, spells, portraits, backgrounds, notes, maps, and more. You could even use the Adventure Journal to chronicle the adventures of one character for three levels throughout their career.
We’ve sold out of the Adventure Journal three times over the last four years and now we're in the final hours of a Kickstarter to print a new edition incorporating community feedback from past journals, featuring new art, and this time in several beautiful colors. Pick one up for yourself or treat your whole group to a set. Now’s your chance to guarantee you get one before they sell out again. Best part about this reprtint is it's a finished product. Although we have updated the Adventure Journal based on your feedback, the pre-press work on these journals are done, we funded in one day, and the printers have our files and have already started making these for you. This Kickstarter has just a little over a day to go. So be sure to grab one while you can.

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