The Cursed Tower of the Fallen

Posted on April 27, 2017

I’ve been DMing for a group of five players: a Human Bard called Luciano (but everyone called him Lucy, to his dismay); a Dwarf Barbarian who always forgot to rage; an Elven Rogue; a Human Ranger; and a Gnome Druid with a riding dog as an animal companion.

The story started when the group found a keep where a friendly NPC was being held captive. The keep was overrun with orcs, more than the party could handle in a straight up fight. The keep was pretty small, and mostly consisted of three towers, some walls, and a main building.

The party managed to draw a few orcs from the keep and kill them in an ambush. The plan was for the Barba…

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Grudge Match

Posted on April 26, 2017

Being so long-lived, Elves understandably have a long memory. They're typically known to be a more forgiving race, but if you tick one off enough, your descendants will curse the day you laid eyes on your Elven spouse/partner/booty-call. My character, Jakk'tril, was one Elf that knew how to bear a grudge. It all started on a simple search and rescue adventure. We were successful, but the town mayor decided to have the girl we rescued publicly hanged instead of giving her the medical treatment we sought for her (it wasn't her fault she was born a werewolf). I could not let that stand, but bided my time for some proper justice.


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Careful What You Wish For

Posted on April 24, 2017

About two decades ago, one of the players in my cousin's D&D campaign was granted a wish as a quest reward. He was told he could have anything he wanted, which prompted the player to start reading all the D&D books he could get his hands on in order to find the ultimate artifact. I should mention the books were not in English.

Eventually, he settled for the "Staff of the Master Mage" (I think it’s the same as the "Staff of the Magi" but slightly mistranslated).

"I want the Staff of the Master Mage!" he said, and the staff instantly materialized in front of him.

Unfortunately, so did the Master Mage mere moments after the wish was m…

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Random Isn’t Always Better

Posted on April 20, 2017

As a DM, you sometimes have to make snap decisions. We were playing through a campaign and three of my five players went into a cave, after being told by me that it was shallow and had only one way in and out. They felt confident that the gold they saw right in front of them was clearly meant to be shared.

To be honest, they hadn't been meant to find the cave this go-around, so I started filling in as they went off book (as any good DM will do). I knew they were mostly going to snap up some coin, but I decided to throw in a wand at the last minute—I hadn't exactly showered the party in magic items.

While they were in the process of …

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The Trouble With Doors

Posted on April 19, 2017

I put together a fairly simple dungeon for my little brothers to play at Thanksgiving. They, being young and fearless, rolled up characters that focused more on backstory than ability. So there was a large and stupid Barbarian, a small Rogue that loved to quarrel, and a Ranger who was actually a fisherman and would fish in any body of water he came upon (no matter how small, regardless of whether or not there were fish).

They managed to get through the first few rooms of the dungeon without killing each other or driving me crazy. Then they came to a door. The door was wooden, and it was stuck—requiring a strength check of 15 to open.…

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