Posted on June 19, 2018

We were in the first dungeon of a new campaign based on subversion and king-replacing. Most of us were new to each other, and the dynamics of which one of us was the fast-talker and which one the rules-lawyer had yet to be established.

After we’d hacked and slashed our way through the first large room full of gnolls, we questioned one about the layout of the caves and what we would find. We learned about "the two big magic guys" down one passage, and the REALLY SCARY THING down the stairs. So we continued down a hallway, carefully opening one door we successfully heard to be empty, and then crept to a second where we heard some 'mutt…

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Madness in the Void

Posted on June 18, 2018

When I was running a 4e D&D game a few years ago, the party encountered a group of frost zombies. These zombies were not your everyday zombies—they were somewhat homebrewed and caused frost damage, but also were a little bit intelligent. Only a little bit.

The party consisted of an Elf Wizard, a Human Ranger, and a Dwarf Fighter. There was also a henchman. So the four of them turn a corner and see these frost zombies. A couple of well-placed spells from the Wizard, arrows from the Ranger, and hacks from the Fighter and the henchman reduced the zombie threat significantly, leaving only what the party assumed to be the leader of the zo…

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Don’t Ask Just Run

Posted on June 15, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today around these glowing LED screens to celebrate the life and tribulations of a brave group of adventurers. A simple band of merry souls, perhaps, but one which was ill-fated no matter what destinies we desired. Hark and stay awhile as I tell the tale of how we boldly stepped forth into the mysterious and frequently shifting environment of the Black Pyramid of Karavakos.

Bravely (perhaps foolishly) and habitually leading from the front was Krieg, a Half-Orc Berserker who swung his bladed chain with equal stoicism and well-timed fleshy barricade against our foes' depredations; Dendra, Aven…

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Original or Extra Crispy

Posted on June 14, 2018

We were playing a custom D&D game, where we had to play as either orcs or goblins and use makeshift weapons. Two of us were orcs, while myself and another were goblins.

Our first mission was to kill all the inhabitants of a small village. I was the one chosen to sneak in and investigate before we made plans and attacked. Creeping through the town, I managed to get near the center before I failed a roll and was spotted.

Panicked, the villagers sounded the alarm and fled into the church while the guards and my group rushed to my position. Lucky for me, my party arrived first, and we pushed the guards back to the church. During the mad…

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The Glorious Goddess

Posted on June 13, 2018

I DM a bi-weekly game in which my party has been walking through the challenges I place before them without breaking a sweat.

Case in point, one of my players single-handedly two-shot a creature 3 levels higher than him. I'd noticed that in order to challenge my players, I would have to place my party in a difficult situation. With this in mind I set an ambush for them.

Five goblins were waiting on the road in an openly threatening fashion, with about thirty or so waiting in the wings. I'd figured a well-strategized coordinated attack from about thirty-five to forty goblins would give the party an appropriate, fun, and maybe even ch…

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