How to Make an Entrance

Posted on February 16, 2018

The first time I participated in a D&D campaign was in a 5th edition homebrew. I'd been invited to join by the DM, who was a friend from work. Being new to D&D 5e, my friend had helped me decide upon Cleric, so I ended up making a Half-Elf, Life Domain Cleric of Selune named Alura. I found out after the fact that, prior to me bringing her in, the party hadn't really had much in the way of a healer beyond a Ranger who had a few uses of Cure Wounds.

While creating Alura I was also introduced to a house rule system our DM occasionally used called ‘destiny points.’ It was a system of inspiration-like points used to provide balance in gam…

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Okay, It Doesn’t Attack You

Posted on February 15, 2018

We were playing with the most interesting group of characters I have ever had the pleasure to DM for (both the players and their PCs). They had infiltrated a keep belonging to a vampire lord in order to retrieve an object of great power needed for their overall quest, and the object was hidden at the top of one of the towers.

They did a pretty good job getting to the tower and up it without drawing attention, but when the gargoyles at the top came to life, it also drew the attention of a couple vampire spawns.

The party had split, so there was only a Paladin, a Druid and a Rogue up top. The Paladin wasted the first spawn easily, but…

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Young Love

Posted on February 14, 2018

There are few things sweeter and more syrupy than young love. However, mixing young love and Lovecraft might not be the wisest thing in the world.

For a period of time we ran weekend events at our local gaming store. We used these events to try out new games and techniques, things that we just couldn't do during our weekly adventures dungeoneering. This weekend we were diving into a 1920 era Eldritch Horrors campaign, and not only that we were going to try a double-blind play session. One scenario, two groups, two gamemasters who—privately—kept tabs on where each group was in relation to the other. Of course it wasn't perfect, everyo…

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Finding One’s Fate

Posted on February 13, 2018

I’m usually on the player side of the adventures, but I ended up in a situation where I had to take the role of DM.

Originally I’d wanted to remain only a player, but one day when my DM friend and I were playing, my better part (who by that time hated even the idea of RPGs) was sitting next to us, reading. We noticed that she was paying less and less attention to her book, and was listening to us more and more. At one pause, we asked whether she wanted to join in. Out of pride, she turned it down.

But when we got home, she asked me if she could create a character and try it out. I felt uncomfortable, because I knew the joys and beau…

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Little Body, Big Heart

Posted on February 12, 2018

In my new school, I was lucky to stumble upon a D&D group, who invited me out of the kindness of their hearts because I still had no friends. We went to the game shop, and they helped me make a 5e character. The outcome was Erkin the Skald, a Bard already level six so that I was of equal level to the rest of the party.

We were in the city of Odysseus (it was the Dungeon Master's world) which was currently under attack by Minotaurs. They found me running from a group of the beast-men, which we all managed to take down while barely suffering a scratch.

We traveled on and spotted some more of the marauders killing people. Being of all …

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