World’s Worst Thieves

Posted on December 08, 2017

I was DMing a 5e game for a small group consisting of two characters, one of which had recently sustained serious injuries in an encounter with goblins (they were both level one). A goblin had noticed when the Rogue’s upper body became trapped under a cart, and had thus gone to town on the Rogue’s leg with a rusty scimitar.

By the time the Rogue was rescued by his friend (a Bard who surprisingly was coping with the goblins rather well), he’d already lost his foot. As such, the two decided that their best bet for regrowing the foot was to raid a high-class potion shop in Neverwinter.

They rented a room in an adjacent hotel (the honey…

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A Skillful Fail

Posted on December 06, 2017

I learned the hard way that just because your character has a high skill, doesn't mean you should use it.

It was my first night playing my new character, a Knight. My group and our freshly-rolled characters started a quest that led us to a mysterious Wizard's home on the outskirts of a small town. We needed to talk to the Wizard, but a young man was in our way and not giving us any information.

I had invested quite a few points into the Intimidation skill for my character, which I intended to use during fights. My friends were getting nowhere with this guy, so I mentioned my talent for intimidation.

“Would you like to join in the p…

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Gethric the Ready

Posted on December 05, 2017

This is a story of Gethric the Ready. The NG Fighter, Bard, Dervish that was never ready… ever. Now this was early in my DM career and my group played with 3.5 rules. My PCs were as follows: a clumsy Cleric to Pelor, a wolf-loving Ranger, a punch-happy Monk, and Gethric. After some pretty epic encounters, cultists, wolves, even some ettins, our party found themselves working in a Dwarven King's army. Now Gethric had been a problem child since the get-go, getting thrown off of cliffs, getting caught sneaking into cult bases, and just terrible life choices in general, much to the amusement and anger of the rest of the party. But he want…

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A Rat in the Bag Worth Two in the Bush

Posted on December 04, 2017

I'm in a two person group—a Sorcerer (me), and a Rogue (a friend), with the friend's significant other DMing. He claims to have run several games with his family/friends back home, so he knows his way around a tabletop.

Our adventure began, as so many do, with us being sent by a local magistrate to clear out a kobold infestation. On the way to the cave where these kobolds lived, the DM rolled for a random encounter. The DM proclaimed that we had run into a rat den, and had to fight a half dozen rats. The Rogue, who won initiative, started stabbing at the rats but, because of her low level and terrible dice-luck, ended up missing abou…

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Hug your Teddy

Posted on December 01, 2017

I'm quite new to D&D (my nerd roots fall more to electronic media, but I have a soft spot for pen and paper). Our party: A Monk (myself), a Cleric, a Dwarven Warden, and a Wilden Avenger. The Warden and the Cleric have been playing since second edition, so we generally listen to what they have to say, including our DM, who is still a little green on that side of the screen.

The Warden, Bramblebeard Rockbottom, was built as a monster, with every part of his character crafted to turn getting hit into slaughtering foes ("HAVE YOU HIT ROCKBOTTOM!?"). My monk, Budric, had a bad habit of falling unconscious at least once per encounter due …

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